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    Every Vaughn Loudspeaker has been designed to be extremely easy for an amplifier to drive. All models were specifically designed to get the most out of low powered single ended triode, OTL, push pull, and solid state amplifiers.
When these low powered amplifiers will easily drive a speaker you can be sure that all types of amplifiers will work well. It is amazing the quality of sound can be had with one of the many push pull amplifiers that can be purchased for less than $1000.00. 

Low powered amps almost always sound better than the larger models, they simply are not capable of driving most traditional speakers. Now you can spend less on the better sounding, small amplifier and still get a big powerful sound. Your savings on a smaller amp can cover the total cost of a Vaughn speaker system!

Vaughn Loudspeakers world class transparency, resolution, and amazing soundstaging capabilities will also reveal the special magic in the finest high end single ended triode, OTL and solid state class A amplifiers to a degree rare in any loudspeaker, let alone the reasonable prices of Vaughn Loudspeakers.

Vaughn Loudspeakers are not just easy to drive they sound better due to critical design choices that drastically improve their performance. (1) By using high efficiency full range main drivers where one driver is responsible to reproduce the bulk of the frequency response, generally 80 hz - 7000 hz with no crossovers in this critical region. (2) Our unique crossover topology has just 2 or 3 parts and uses phase correct 1st order filtering. This is not possible with normal, even very high end audio drivers as they do not cover sufficient range. Our full range drivers typical upper midrange rise is tamed with the same simple crossover. All drivers are matched with not one resistor used. Bass drivers are effectively subwoofers and ribbons essentially supertweeters. (3) Passive radiator loading of both bass and full range drivers provides for a more natural response and ease of drive.
 (4) Bamboo Ply is not just environmentally friendly it sounds better. Combined with Baltic Birch front and rear panels makes for a solid cabinet that is not only inert but musically compelling. (5) Quality components were painstakingly chosen in every position to provide the most musically natural presentation. Each part choice has been confirmed with extensive listening comparisons.

Finally our speakers are sold factory direct to offer the best value in high end speakers.
We always try to have speakers ready to ship but may be 1-2 weeks prior to shipment, email or call for availability.


Every Vaughn Loudspeaker cabinet is built from renewable Bamboo Ply with 13 ply Baltic Birch front and back panels. Three additional layers of internal cabinet damping and an all natural Marmoleum panel on the 13 ply Baltic Birch front and rear baffles are added before installing premium, matched drivers. We strive for the simplest crossover design possible using the best crossover components available such as top of the line Clarity Cap MR, Mundorf, or V-Cap capacitors and Jantzen Cross Coil inductors. Nordost silver plated copper micro monofilament and pure copper wires were chosen for each driver to provide the most natural response and blending with the other drivers. All crossovers are hand built with components physically separated, no circuit boards!

Finally most Vaughn Loudspeakers receive Bybee in line internal purifiers to bring their performance to even higher levels.

All of these unique design choices are significantly more expensive than many speakers costing two to three times as much which is why Vaughn Loudspeakers while not inexpensive perform way above their price points. 

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