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Triode IV

Syrah II

Barbara II

Zinfandel IV

Cabernet III

Triode Jr.

Rebuilt Plasma New Improved Power Supply 

Rebuilt Original Plasma With Integral Power Supply And Original Wood Case

Triode IV

Syrah II

Barbara II

Zinfandel IV

Cabernet III with "naked" Plasma Tweeter

Triode Jr with "naked" Plasma Tweeter

Rebuilt Plasma New Improved Power Supply

Rebuilt Original Plasma With Outboard Power Supply In Original Case, No Horn Cabinet

Triode IV

Tweeter:                5" Ribbon or Plasma

Wide Range:         8" Paper
Woofer:                12" Self Powered

Impedence:          8 Ohms Nominal

Sensitivity:           97db

Response:            22 - 40,000 hz

Power Min/Max:   2 / 200

Weight:                  122 LBS

Size Inches:          11 x 16 x 44

Warranty:              5 Years

Cabinet:  Higher performance version of our Bamboo/Baltic Birch hybrid  

Price Pair: $8000 w/ Ribbon Tweeter
  $11,500 w/ rebuilt original Plasma
  $15,000 w/ new Power supply
        Rebuilt Plasma Tweeters

Syrah II

Tweeter:                 Pro Ribbon

Mid Range:             16 - 4" Dipole

Passives                 Dual 12"

Impedence:            8 Ohms nominal

Sensitivity:             100  db

Response:              68 - 40,000 hz

Power Min/Max:     2 / 240

Weight:                    86 lbs

Size Inches:            9 x 16 x 42

Warranty:                Five Years

Cabinet:                  Bamboo Ply

Price: Line Arrays:    $9,000.00  

Mate with subwoofer of your choice,
we recommend REL but most any high quality subwoofer will match well. 

Barbera II

Full Range:         8" Paper Cone modified
                             dipole design

Woofer:               12" Treated Paper
                            12" Passive Radiator

Bass Amplifier:   300 Watt Class D

Controls:             Volume, Phase, and
                             Crossover Point

Sensitivity:          94 db 1 watt @ 1M 

Response:           29 HZ - 22,000 hz

Cabinet:             Bamboo/ Baltic Birch Ply

Size:                     11" x 15.5" x 40"

Weight:                88 lbs

Warranty:            5 Years

Price Each:          $3500.00

Zinfandel IV

Tweeter:                 5" Ribbon

Full Range:             8" Paper Cone

Woofer:                   12" Powered

Impedence:            8 Ohms

Sensitivity:             96 DB

Response:              27 - 40,000 HZ

Power Min/Max:     2 / 120

Weight:                   98 LBS

Size inches:           11 x 16 x 44

Warranty:                5 Years

Cabinet:                  Bamboo Ply

Price / pair:            $6500.00

Cabernet III

Tweeter:             3" Ribbon or Plasma

Full Range:         6.5" Accuton Ceramic

Woofer:               10" High Output

Impedence:        6 Ohms

Sensitivity:         93 db

Response:          27 - 40,000 HZ

Power Min/Max:   5 / 120 watts

Weight:               78 LBS

Size Inches:       9 x 14 x 42

Warranty:           5 Years

Cabinet:             Bamboo Ply

Price Pair:         $9,000.00 w/ Ribbon
                $12,500.00 w/ Rebuilt Plasma
 $16,000.00 w/ New Power Supply Plasma

Triode Jr.

Tweeter:                3" ribbon or Plasma

Wide Range:          6.5" Banana Pulp

Woofer:                  10" Powered

Impedence:            8 Ohms

Sensitivity:             94 db

Response:              32 - 40,000 hz

Power Min/Max:     5 / 80 watts

Weight:                    68 LBS

Size Inches:             9 x 14 x 42

Warranty:                 5 Years

Cabinet:                   Bamboo Ply

Front panel:             Marmoleum

Price/Pair:                $5000.00 w/ ribbon 
                      $8,500.00 w/ rebuilt plasma
$12,000.00 w/ New Power Supply Plasma

Plasma Tweeters w/ New, updated Power Supplies:

The original Ionovac and Ionosphere plasma tweeters set a standard back in the 1960's that no tweeter has been able to match since. Our new power supply is hand tuned to each plasma cell to provide even greater performance. The new power supply also includes an L-Pad volume pot to match any speakers efficiency up to 97 db. A new internal V-Cap crossover, new electrodes, and refurbished or new quartz cells along with the power supply are also included.

Frequency Response: 3500 - 70,000hz

Pair Price: $6500.00 (4 pairs available)
                  Bamboo cabinets for horns $500.00

Rebuilt Original Plasma Tweeters

The ones on the left are the Duk 10 models with power supply and plasma tweeter in original wood cases. This is a one piece solution that have been completely gone through and V-Cap crossover added to provide performance even better than the originals. ( 2 pairs)

The picture on the right is of the Dukane Duk 5 plasma tweeter with outboard power supply. Rebuilt as above with V-Cap crossover, bamboo cases available at additional cost. (2 pairs each available)

Frequency response: 3500 - 40,000 hz

Price Pair: $3500.00 (Duk-5 or Duk-10)




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