We are driven to musical reproduction as natural as possible.


All of our models incorporate physical, electronic and acoustical design parameters that are not easy to accomplish. But true audiophiles will accept nothing less. We know.

Vaughn loudspeakers are extremely easy to drive. While easy even for OTL and SET tube amps, our designs can stand up to high powered solid state amps as well.

Vaughn Loudspeaker's world class transparency, resolution, and amazing soundstaging will reveal the special magic in your system to a degree rare in any loudspeaker, let alone the reasonable prices of Vaughn Loudspeakers.

Designed and handcrafted in the USA from premium materials sourced globally


Vaughn Loudspeakers honors the science of rational design parameters but never forgets that the ear and heart are the best tools to measure the successful design of a loudspeaker. If a speaker cannot provide the emotional satisfaction that great music is capable of providing, then the design is not complete.

At Vaughn, we offer complete designs.


Better Design = Better Sound

All models feature 3 additional layers of cabinet dampening, premium crossovers, top-quality wide-range drivers, Dueland cotton-covered internal wire, bamboo ply cabinets with carbon fiber or Marmoleum over 13 ply Baltic Birch.

The best value in high-end loudspeakers.

Vaughn Loudspeakers
proudly represents these innovative brands:

These are the most musical and accurate subwoofers I have heard which makes them a must-have on that fact alone, but their flexibility put them in a class of one.
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Vaughn Loudspeakers has had an extremely long relationship with Wavelength Audio, in fact we would not be here at all if it was not
from design help and encouragement from Wavelength.

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After many, many, many preamplifiers we have settled on the Backert Labs amazing preamplifiers. They are truly a revelation.  
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LEWIS DARDICK, Stereotimes

Unheard, Unknown, But Unbelievable....

"Think about a romantic evening with lights dimmed, fine wine and your honey snuggling at your side and you have an idea of how the Vaughn Loudspeakers Triode IIIs make you feel. The Triode IIIs have a very intimate presence and ease about them.  I didn’t expect these little known babies to sing like they did, and compete with speakers twice their $8,000/pair price, but they did indeed."





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