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The "ideal speaker" would simply consist of one very efficient, high impedance, full range driver that is flat from 20 – 40,000 hz with uniform, wide dispersion at all frequencies.


Unfortunately, that driver does not exist, so we attempt, with our designs, to come as close to what that ideal would represent in phase-coherent, full-range sound.



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Nearly 10 years of relentless design work has been rewarded! The TRIODE III.2 will play anything from small chamber or jazz pieces to big symphonic works or power rock. It offers a big, rich, transparent sound with world class sound staging, single driver coherency and ethereal highs along with fast, tight, and deep bass even from SET or OTL type amps. 


This new hybrid version of the Zinfandel and Triode III is now even easier to drive for any amplifier. The Triode III.2 brings performance levels of the incredible Triode III at a new lower price point. The more we learn with our more advanced designs allow us to bring expanded performance designs to market at lower prices. With just two passive parts in the crossover, dynamics will not be compressed or rob the life from your favorite music. The Triode III.2, a true reference speaker."


The original Cabernet was so good it was named Stereo Mojo's 2009 speaker of the year, see review in review section. This was our first design with the amazing Accuton ceramic drivers from Germany. Speed, resolution and great musicality when implemented properly these drivers offer a level of performance that can surprise even the most experienced listener.

Our next design was the limited edition Cabernet Plasma that was an amazing combination with the plasma tweeter and ceramic upper bass/midrange driver delivering a level of performance so far above conventional designs the 20 pairs sold out quickly, even at the $18,000.00 price.

Finally the Cabernet III incorporates the new 7" Direct Drive Dome Accuton ceramic driver that takes performance up another notch. With the cone driven from the outside edges flex in the cone is minimized further improving clarity and resolution. We combined this with a true ribbon tweeter using only the finest parts such as WBT Nextgen, Dueland, V-Cap, and our five layer cabinet dampening system. If clarity, resolution, dynamics, and see through transparency are on your wish list the Cabernet III may be the answer you are looking for. It plays music in a compelling way that draws you into the performance without the harshness of many designs attempting to get this level of resolution. Music lovers and audiophiles will be seduced by the Cabernet III!

With the bi-wire posts you can disconnect the ribbon tweeter to upgrade to the plasma tweeter with ease if desired. Most listeners will feel no need to change the Cabernet III as it's performance is simply amazing but the option is there for those who may want to explore the plasma tweeter.


The BARBERA II offers alot of the incredible performance of our larger bi-polar speakers at a much lower price. It uses the amazing 6.5" Fostex FE168 EZ banana pulp cone driver in a modified open baffle design that allows for the big open sound of the Cabernet and Plasma II's in a much smaller package with built in, adjustable and  powered sub base driver.

This makes for a very flexible package that will work in both large and small rooms and both near field or normal listening set ups. Plus the Barbera II offers a flexibility and built in upgrade path. The dual sets of binding posts allow for full range driver hook up by using the lower set of posts. The upper binding posts enable a crossover for the full range driver so it can be used with our alnico horn tweeter or incomparable plasma tweeter. With the Plasma tweeter the Barbera II sounds more like a $25,000.00 speaker at much less than 1/2 that price. No need to get a new speaker just upgrade to the horn or plasma tweeter.

The coherency of the single full range driver along with the dipole radiation pattern offers the coherence needed for near field listening along with the depth of soundstage not found in traditional front radiating speakers. Plus there is no thin single driver sound here due to the built in sub bass driver that is fully adjustable for both volume and crossover level. This allows the listener to tailor the bass level to match all room sizes and listening tastes. As we all know when the bass level provides the proper foundation to the music any type of music is more realistic, relaxing and enjoyable.


When you are ready to step up to high-end, the BARBERA II is it

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