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Take a closer look at our unique designs ...

Plasma Tweeter

  1. No moving mass so reproduction starts and stops instantly

  2. No cone or dome resonances, like all other tweeters

  3. Extremely wide bandwidth - out to 60,000 hz

  4. Excellent horizontal dispersion with controlled vertical dispersion

  5. Complements the entire frequencies spectrum

  6. Expands and focuses sound stage

  7. Most natural treble reproduction of any tweeter


High Efficiency Design

  1. Works with both high and low powered amplifiers

  2. Dynamic and alive even at lower listening levels

  3. Low powered amplifiers, like those using
    Single Ended Triode (SET) and Output Transformerless (OTL) designs are the best sounding amplifiers - but - demand high efficiency loudspeakers


Line Arrays


  1. Each driver works less so more dynamic, effortless, with lower distortion

  2. Excellent horizontal dispersion with controlled vertical dispersion

  3. Comb filtering effect provides a natural acoustic crossover to minimize passive crossover parts and improve sound

Bipolar Design


  1. Bi-Polar speakers create a more natural realistic soundstage

  2. Loads the room from different locations which smoothes the sound and reduces room effects

Wide Range Drivers


The wide range drivers in the line array formats allow for just one or two passive crossover points, depending on model. This allows the speaker to operate from 70 hz - 5000 hz with no crossover.


This provides much more clarity, better power response, greater dynamic contrasts, and less phase shifting; which allows for accurate soundstage reproduction.


Wide Range Drivers

All Vaughn Loudspeakers use either full or wide range main drivers so there is no crossover in the critical 80 – 5000 hz range. We call this a modified, augmented full range design as we incorporate a few critical differences. The full range drivers are not rolled out on the low end, however the typical full range upper midrange rise is smoothed before crossing over to a matched ribbon tweeter by one high quality inductor. This ribbon tweeter is smoothly rolled in with just a single high quality capacitor. Powered and adjustable sub bass drivers are then brought up to smoothly blend to the lower range of the full range driver. This allows proper phasing of the music’s fundamentals which provides for a more dynamic, coherent and integrated sound.


Unique Crossover Topology

We strive for the simplest crossover design possible using the best crossover components available such as top of the line Clarity Cap MR, Mundorf, or V-Cap capacitors and Jantzen Cross Coil inductors. It has just 2 or 3 parts and uses phase correct 1st order filtering. This is not possible with normal, even very high end audio drivers as they do not cover sufficient range. Our full range drivers typical upper midrange rise is tamed with the same simple crossover. All drivers are matched with not one resistor used. Bass drivers are effectively subwoofers and ribbons essentially supertweeters.


Passive Radiator Loading

All Vaughn full range and bass drivers are loaded with passive radiators.  We feel passive loading offers the most dynamic and musically natural sound at both high and low levels. It also helps relieve the high pressures inside the cabinet for fewer cabinet resonances.


Internal Cabinet Dampening

All Vaughn speakers have separate internal cabinets for bass and wide range drivers. This keeps the powerful bass waves from interacting with the accurate reproduction of the critical midrange and treble regions. In addition we use a special triple layer, multi density internal cabinet dampening material that tunes the cabinet and allows us to avoid the use of internal bracing which causes unwanted turbulence within the cabinet.


Bamboo Hybrid Multi Ply Cabinets

After many prototypes we found the combination of bamboo ply cabinets with 13 ply Baltic birch front and back panels provided the most accurate and musically natural sound. MDF was too dead not allowing the music to have the life and vibrancy found in live music while many other woods were too resonant. Bamboo ply is also consistent throughout so can be sanded and repaired. A Marmoleum veneer is then added to the front and back baffles for a beautiful and durable appearance while providing additional dampening for the critical midrange and ribbon drivers.


Quality Components

Much time and care has been taken to select the best sounding components to get the most out of each design. Top quality drivers are first matched to each other then tied together with only the finest wire and  components such as Duelund copper, silver, or WE wiring and pure copper wires to provide the most natural response and blending with the other drivers. V-Cap capacitors, Jantzen foil inductors, WBT Nextgen binding posts and silver solder added to improve performance. These components are more expensive but are critical to creating musical magic.


High Efficiency

High efficiency speakers with high impedances, and simple first order crossovers are much easier for an amp to drive, don’t need to be played loud to open up and require much less power. Single ended, OTL, push/pull tube and smaller solid state class A amps come alive like never before. While they will work well with higher powered amps, full performance can be had with a lower powered model, providing substantial savings!




All of these unique design choices are significantly more expensive than many speakers
costing two to three times as much ... which is why we think


Vaughn Loudspeakers are the best value in high-end loudspeakers. 


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