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MJ Acoustic Subwoofers are the most musical and accurate subwoofers I have heard which makes them a must-have on that fact alone, but their flexibility has put them in a class of ONE. They have a remote control for quick and easy adjustments. There are four presets available so you can correct thin or fat recordings. This is an amazing feature as we all have so much music we never listen to as the recording is too thin or just plain edgy and irritating. By balancing the bass response, most of the recordings are not just listenable but truly enjoyable. I have probably tripled the amount of music from my library that I regularly listen to since incorporating the MJ subwoofers into my system. This even works with large full range systems that go down to the low 20's in bass response like our Plasma Signature. 

The problem with most subwoofers is that you set the subwoofer to be in proper balance with good recordings which is correct. Problem is probably at least 50% of the 31,000 songs on my server are recorded from a little too thin to down right lean. By selecting the appropriate preset (which takes a mere moment) the song goes from irritating to sublime. To prevent this with other subwoofers many will set the sub too fat to compensate for the lean recordings but then your great recordings on too bass heavy and the recordings that are overly full in the bass are unlistenable. I can not say with enough enthusiasm how much these subwoofers have done for my listening pleasure. Nothing else has been able to do what they do. 

When the bass is right, not just the bass is better, it dramatically improves the midrange and the soundstage develops properly providing an accurate look at the recording. All fundamental tones have both overtones and undertones to complete the musical structure so all music benefits from proper bass and treble balance. Better tweeters can improve bass speed and articulation and likewise for the lower frequencies.

Vaughn Loudspeakers is now importing and stocking the Reference 200, 400, Ref 1 MKIV, Kensington models and can special order any model you may be interested in. We also have the incomparable top of the Masterclass line Windsor model on display and will have at shows. This is a world class product that can elevate any speaker system!

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about MJ

Most people will concede that a wide system bandwidth is not just beneficial, but essential to anyone aspiring to true high-quality musical reproduction in the home. With a conventional big box speaker not only is room matching a hit and miss affair, but your amplifier will become a limiting factor. The more critical the speakers, the more need for a very high-end amp. Remember the speaker is the slave of the amplifier. It can do no more than its told to do and frequently will try and do much less. With the MJ subwoofer, there is no need to worry about upgrading your amp. The MJ has its own built-in power amp which has been optimised for bass. It is DC coupled, meaning there are no harmful capacitors in the signal path causing phase problems and limiting its ultimate low frequency performance. Because of this built-in amp, there is no power drain on your main stereo amp. It goes on happily driving your main speakers exactly as before. The MJ takes care of the bass and ensures by means of its clever internal Active Bass Crossover that it fits perfectly beneath your main speakers. It can be “tuned” to your system and room, whatever your system’s capabilities and listening room size. This is of enormous benefit, particularly if like many others, your listening room is not perfect. The MJ will pressure drive your listening room below its lowest eigentone …….

“Meaning of Eigentone” 
“In rectangular rooms, the frequency amplified is that with a wavelength twice that of the distance between the parallel surfaces and is called the room’s Eigentone.

When a frequency matching this Eigentone is sounded in the room a standing wave occurs where the sound wave and its reflection are in phase with each other and reinforce each other.”

…….and ensure that those previously missing or masked frequencies are heard cleanly and clearly, no false emphasis or boom – you control its sound in your system.

Another benefit is realized more long term. If you decide to upgrade any item in your system, the MJ will simply blossom more and more. In other words, it will grow with your system, never becoming dated. This, of course, can be said about some upmarket speakers, but unlike those very revealing ones that simply show up your systems faults, the MJ is fully adjustable, thus it will never be obtrusive.

A further benefit is more domestic. It can be positioned where you want and not restricted to a single “hot spot” as would be the case with a pair of very large speakers. Because of its harmonious styling, particularly true of Reference and Master-Class, it can be of practical use as a sleek coffee table, lamp or ornament stand.

Perhaps its biggest benefit is it allows you to keep what is best about your existing system. It is very likely that you spent a lot of thought, time and trouble choosing your main speakers, so why risk spoiling the sound they produce by compromising with a conventional subwoofer? With an MJ there is NO compromise. The MJ will only add to your already high-quality sound. It will never overwhelm but confidently underpin your main system. It is very likely the most cost-effective upgrade you will ever make. This has been repeated back by countless customers testimonials over the years, time and time again.


Every single subwoofer we make has been individually and very carefully tested, checked and tested over and over at each stage of its production. Not a cheap way to build, but the only way to ensure consistently high quality.


Believe me when I say that purchasing an MJ Acoustics Subwoofer is the single most important addition to any audio system.  You have my word on that.

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